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Running to Stand Still

The lyrics illustrate the lonely and often frustrating journey of parenting a 2e child or being a 2e adult; awakening to the realization of necessary and sometimes onerous advocacy and the final appreciation that even after a journey of learning and promoting best practices, we may find ourselves standing in the same place as when we started.

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Advocacy: Crafting Your 2e Child’s Story

You know what makes me crazy? When parents think they deserve the judgments thrown at them.  “It must be so difficult raising your child.”  “I can’t imagine how you get through each day.” And the backhanded compliments, “You’re so strong, I could never do what you...

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Good ‘til the Last Drop – Understanding and Monitoring Triggers that Cause Explosive Behavior in our Children, Students and Ourselves

Gifted and twice exceptional people who experience “overexcitabilities” respond to stimuli in a much grander way than the typical population. In order to support our children, students and clients, as well as our gifted and 2e adult selves, we must honor these...

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